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Thank You from Rescale

To All Scientists and Engineers: Thank You

While 2020 may be remembered for the unexpected tribulation it’s brought to all of us, we can’t help but count the blessings we’ve been handed by you — the scientists and engineers working behind the scenes to better this crazy world of ours.

You know who you are.  You hide your cape under a research coat or hoodie, but we know it’s there, because we work with you every day.  

Consider this.  It’s thanks to scientists and engineers that the first COVID-19 vaccine was developed and administered to frontline healthcare workers before this year even came to a close — an amazing feat.  We’ve seen companies like Bionano Genomics make impressive advancements in optimal genome mapping, and it’s been a privilege to lead Tech Against COVID and its effort to donate HPC resources toward COVID-related research.  To date, the program has provided millions of compute hours to projects fighting COVID-19, including:

  • The global COVID-19 Host Genome Structural Variant Consortium is scaling up genomic analysis to understand patient susceptibility
  • AzothBio is using AI drug discovery techniques to build a library of treatment drugs
  • The University of the Andes and the University of Cartagena in Colombia are working together to develop new treatments for COVID patients

This year has also brought technological advancements in other fields through some of the very people reading this right now.  From the development of air taxis to rocket ships to electric vehicles — Rescale’s engineers are proud to serve so many talented and hardworking innovators at startups and enterprises alike.  We’re honored to power Samsung’s innovative semiconductor cloud design platform, collaborate with Hyundai Motor Group to accelerate mobility innovation, and power simulations behind Sensatek’s ground-breaking turbine sensors.

Boom Supersonic XB-1

Additionally, we offer a heartfelt congratulations to Boom Supersonic for the rollout of their XB-1 prototype, bringing us one step closer to making supersonic flight a common reality.  And as the presenting sponsor of the Big Compute Podcast, we’ve been pleased to spotlight many of you undercover superheroes, with more — deservedly — to come.  

Moreover, during 2020, jobs submitted on Rescale grew by hundreds of thousands, more than doubling year over year, while our software catalogue grew by 280 to nearly 680 application packages. Despite the challenges of 2020, scientists and engineers have not relented, demonstrating that while it feels like much of the world has stopped, innovation continues to move forward.

So as we step into 2021, we at Rescale would just like to say — to all you engineers and scientists out there —

Thank you for all you do.  We look forward to a new year of exciting breakthroughs together.  

May you each have a very happy holiday season, and days ahead filled with hope, joy, and accomplishment rivaling anything we’ve imagined yet.


The Rescale Team

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