LSIS Wins IDC Digital Transformation Award with Rescale

LSIS Wins IDC Digital Transformation Award with Rescale

Award honors transformation initiatives using digital and disruptive technologies
San Francisco, Calif., October 2, 2018Rescale, the leader in enterprise big compute in the cloud, and SPK, today announced that its customer LSIS has been awarded the 2018 IDC Digital Transformation Award (IDC DXa) by executing one of the leading global digital transformation initiatives.

LSIS, a multinational supplier of smart energy equipment based in South Korea, sought to strengthen their research and development center. With Rescale, LSIS was able to build a universal, high-performance computing (HPC), cloud-based computer-aided engineering (CAE) platform that increased stability of prototypes and shortened development time.

“This project is a result of the urgency of our engineers who have to accelerate their R&D to get them to market in time, with a long product lifecycle but good quality,” says LSIS Chief Technology Officer, Kwon Bong-Hyun. “We are proud to have realized the ideal of engineers and product designers who utilize and develop the best tools, such as the CAE platform.”

LSIS’ engineers will be fully enabled in the cloud, and launching machine learning initiatives, with Rescale’s ScaleX® platform starting next year. Built on the world’s most powerful high-performance computing infrastructure, ScaleX seamlessly matches software applications with the best architecture in the cloud or on-premise to run complex data processing and simulations.

“We would like to congratulate LSIS for winning the Digital Transformation Award from IDC and building Korea’s first engineering cloud with Rescale,” says Joris Poort, CEO of Rescale. “LSIS is at the forefront of driving the next generation of digital transformation in the enterprise.”

The IDC Digital Transformation Awards honor the achievements of organizations that have successfully planned and executed the transformation of one or multiple areas of their business through the use of digital and disruptive technologies. For more information on the complete winners, visit

About Rescale

Rescale is the leader in enterprise big compute in the cloud. Rescale empowers the world’s transformative executives, IT leaders, engineers, and scientists to securely manage product innovation to be first to market. Rescale’s ScaleX® multi-cloud platform, built on the most powerful high-performance computing infrastructure, seamlessly matches software applications with the best architecture in the cloud or on-premise to run complex data processing and simulations. Rescale partners with the four largest cloud service providers, has over 125 Global 2000 enterprise customers including four of top five largest global automotive manufacturers and two of top three largest global aerospace and defense companies. For more information on Rescale, visit

About SPK

SPK ( was founded in 2002, is headquartered in South Korea, and is dedicated to helping Korean enterprise customers transform from legacy to virtualized and cloud-based infrastructure. SPK has specialized in helping US-based start-ups achieve rapid market success in Korea. SPK counts the pillars of the Korean economy as its enterprise customers, including LG, Samsung, Hyundai, POSCO, SK, and KT.

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