End-to-End Desktops


End-to-end Desktops create a seamless HPC experience on Rescale. End to End Desktops is a batch compute cluster with desktop visualization on the head node of your cluster. It provides a user interface for users to interact with the job setup directly from the analysis software.

Features of End-to-End Desktops

  • Enables you to work with your batch job submission interactively. You can monitor jobs on the fly
  • Enables you to dictribute your batch job submission across the entire cluster using an automated process
  • You can pause the analysis at anytime, edit the inputs or paramters of the job and either restart or rerun the analysis
  • Job results can be viewed during and right after completion of the simulation without any delays
  • Files are automatically synced from the batch job to the Desktop session and vice-versa
  • There is no additional charges for the visualization


End to End Desktops is currently available for:

  • ANSYS Fluent
  • ANSYS Mehanical
  • ANSYS Electronics


Key Notes

  • The Desktop session is CentOS Linux
  • The files are synced to the work directory of the desktop session
  • Users need to explicitly terminate the job to shutdown the cluster