MSC Marc Magnetostatic-Thermal Analysis of a 'C' Core Transformer Example

Marc is a Finite Element Analysis simulation software. It is able to solve non-linear problems, to predict realistic non-linear behaviour under static, dynamic or multi-physics loading scenarios.

This is an example of Magnetostatic-Thermal Analysis performed on a 'C' core transformer, demonstrating its 3-D analysis capabilities.

Temperature distribution inside C core transformer

Temperature distribution inside C core transformer

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Simulation Code MSC Marc 2014.2
Analysis Type Thermal
Description Magnetostatic-Thermal Analysis on a 'C' core transformer with MSC Marc on Rescale
Suggested Hardware Titanium / 2 cores
run_marc -j e12x51_job1 -nts 2 -b no -v no -sdir $PWD/tmp
Estimated Run Time 2 minutes