Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication scheme that requires two independent types of credentials, e.g. a password and a login token generated by your smartphone. Rescale users can enable MFA to improve their account security.


  • A Rescale account
  • An iOS, Android, or Windows based personal computing device (e.g. a smartphone or tablet)

Enabling MFA

First, login into your Rescale account and navigate to your Settings page.


On the Settings page, navigate to "MFA Device".


Click on the "Setup" button on the right side to begin. A QR code will be shown on the screen.


An authentication app is required for your personal computing device. Rescale suggests the following authentication apps:

  • For an iOS device, Google Authenticator from the App Store
  • For an Android device, Google Authenticator from the Google Play Store
  • For a Windows device, Microsoft Authenticator from the Microsoft Store

Launch the authentication app. Create a new account and scan the QR code. The app will generate a 6-digit code based on the QR code being scanned. Key-in the code for "Token" and click on "Next". If the code you've entered is correct, the MFA setup will be completed successfully.

Using MFA to Login

After MFA has been setup, you will need both your password and a login token from your personal computing device to login into Rescale. At the login screen, first enter your email and password and click "Log in".


You will be prompted for the MFA token after the password is successfully verified.


Now launch the authentication app from your personal computing device and key-in the token that is displayed alongside with the domain name "" and your email account. Finally, click "Submit" to finish the login.


Company level MFA settings

This section is for company administrators only. As a company administrator, you are able to require, leave optional, or disable MFA for all users within the company. The location for modifying the "MFA Settings" is located in the company administration site ( -> Settings -> Multi-factor Authentication.

There are three options available in "MFA Settings":

  • "Disable MFA authentication": this will disable MFA for all users in the company.
  • "MFA authentication optional": this will allow company users to enable/disable MFA.
  • "MFA authentication required for all users": this will require all company users to enable multi-factor authentication.


Lost your MFA device?

Once you enable MFA on your Rescale account, you'll need both your email/password and your MFA device to log into the platform. If you lose your MFA device or accidentally delete your authentication app, you will NOT be able to login into Rescale platform. In that case, you'll need to contact Rescale support at to reset the MFA settings for your account.