OpenFOAM Motorbike Example

OpenFOAM is an open source Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solver. It is a C++ toolbox with a large library, allowing for complex models and simulations to be carried out. It also comes with packages to allow parallel computation functionality, which you are able to do easily on Rescale.

This job uses OpenFOAM to calculate the steady flow around a motorcycle and rider.

Streamlines colored with velocity magnitude

Streamlines colored with velocity magnitude

The Allrun script includes the following OpenFOAM commands:

runApplication surfaceFeatureExtract
runApplication blockMesh
runApplication decomposePar
runParallel snappyHexMesh $cores -overwrite
runParallel patchSummary $cores
runParallel potentialFoam $cores -noFunctionObjects -writep
runParallel $(getApplication) $cores
runApplication reconstructParMesh -constant
runApplication reconstructPar -latestTime

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Simulation Code OpenFOAM v16.12+
Analysis Type Incompressible flow
Description Steady flow around a motorcycle
Suggested Hardware Onyx / 8 cores
cd motorBike
Estimated Run Time 8 minute