The Snapshot feature allows you to take periodic snapshots of the working directory for a run of your Rescale job, either for restart purposes or for additional review on your local machine.


When your job is running, the Status Tab will have a Live Tailing window as shown above. If you are running a job with multiple runs, such as a DOE, there may be multiple runs in the Runs column. To use the Snapshot feature, select the run of your choice from the Runs column (in this case there is a single run, 1).

Having selected run 1, clicking on the Snapshot button will allow you to create a snapshot of the current working directory, including subdirectories, and package up the files into a single zip file. Once that zip file is ready, a download button will appear, as shown below.


Snapshots that you create are also available for later download from the Results tab. If you created multiple snapshots over the course of the run, each one will be listed and labeled with the date and time it was taken.