This FAQ page acts as a quick reference to the common questions and resources when using Single Sign On (SSO) on Rescale.

Single Sign On allows users to leverage one set of credentials (username/password) to access multiple services. SSO on Rescale ScaleX platforms allows user accounts to be enabled/disabled by a central company administrator. In the context of this document, we refer to the company administrator that enables SSO on ScaleX as the Identity Provider (IdP)

Curently we have:

  • Logging into Rescale with a Microsoft Active Directory Identity Provider here

  • Microsoft Tutorial: Azure Active Directory integration with Scalex Enterprise here

Customers are requested to contact us for help with setup and any questions on functionality.

Starting May 2017, ScaleX Enterprise customers have access to the ScaleX Enterprise app through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The ScaleX Enterprise app enables Azure Active Directory (AD) for managing SSO.

Existing users will continue to have access after SSO is enabled, provided they have an identical email address on ScaleX and with their SSO IdP.

The data and all attributes of the account will continue to be available after SSO is enabled for accounts where the email address has not changed.

No, existing API tokens are not impacted. They will continue to function as before.

  • Only create invited user

    Requires an explicit invitation (more strict). Even if a user is able to sign-in with SSO, they will not be able to access the ScaleX platform

  • Create any user who can authenticate with SSO

    Any user under this scheme can create an account themselves, for example all company users who have access to SSO

If different email addresses are being used (one for SSO and one created previously), then both accounts will remain accessible.

Merging accounts is not currently possible as this requires significant effort, account ownership implications and other nuances.