Author: Joris Poort

HPC+ Core Type Offers Improved Performance

Here at Rescale, we are very excited to introduce into production a new hardware profile – the “HPC+” compute configuration. This compute type has improved compute and interconnect capabilities coupled with SSD storage, yielding significantly improved performance. During beta testing, […]

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Looking Forward to 2014

Here at Rescale, we’ve had an excellent year in 2013 and are looking forward to another great year ahead. Below are some of the highlights on what we accomplished this past year, and quick preview of what’s to come in […]

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Rescale Announces New Pricing Options

At Rescale, we work hard to provide the most cost-efficient solutions for your simulation needs.  Working together with our customers, we developed new pricing tiers that allow us to pass along significant cost savings for specific types of simulation workloads. […]

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