Author: Mark Whitney

Deep Neural Network Hyper-Parameter Optimization

Rescale’s Design-of-Experiments (DOE) framework is an easy way to optimize the performance of machine learning models. This article will discuss a workflow for doing hyper-parameter optimization on deep neural networks. For an introduction to DOEs on Rescale, see this webinar. […]

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Neural Networks using Keras on Rescale

Rescale now supports running a number of neural network software packages including the Theano-based Keras. Keras is a Python package that enables a user to define a neural network layer-by-layer, train, validate, and then use it to label new images. […]

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Cost Comparison: Prepaid vs. On Demand

Rescale offers several price options for running your HPC simulations: On Demand, Low Priority, and Prepaid.  This article will show an analysis of compute usage to determine when getting a prepaid plan makes sense from a cost standpoint. Our Prepaid […]

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