Author: Mulyanto Poort

Cost Optimizing Your Rescale Job

Rescale offers various software with on-demand licensing. This software is popular because of the pay as you go nature. Not only does this software provide an easy way of accessing the software, but many software is priced in such a […]

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Sneak Peek: Visualization on Rescale

The Challenge of Remote Visualization We have received many requests to integrate some type of visualization solution on Rescale. At Rescale, we agree that this is an important part of some engineering work flows. However, performing visualization in the cloud, […]

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Rescale Case Study: Bombardier Aerospace

Recently, we completed a Rescale project with an aerodynamicist at Bombardier Aerospace. With more than 35,500 employees and a leadership position in global markets, Bombardier Aerospace designs, manufactures and supports innovative aviation products for the business, commercial, specialized, and amphibious […]

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