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Calling All COVID-19 Researchers: We Want to Help

As COVID-19 spreads, researchers, engineers and scientists are in a race against time. That is where supercomputers come in. These near-unlimited compute resources speed up simulations and calculations: the more compute power you have, the more time you can save.

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Platform updates and Software Release notes

March 2020 Few in number, big in punch this month as Rescale’s HPC and application team converts fully to WFH. We’re excited to add these codes to our platform: ANSYS 2020.R1 – Major release this month! Rescale is proud to

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The Future of Innovation Powered by Big Compute

Joris Poort, CEO of Rescale, recently spoke at Big Compute 20, where he discussed how some of the greatest applied science innovations are just around the corner if we courageously embrace the power of big compute. From supersonic jets to

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Fireside Chat with Sam Altman

Rescale, alongside sponsors AWS, Intel, Microsoft, Google Cloud, ANSYS, Siemens and Convergent Science, kicked off the inaugural Big Compute conference Feb 11-12th in San Francisco. Headlining was Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI and Chairman of Y Combinator, who sat down

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Modernize your SPDM strategy with Rescale and the Cloud

Simulation environments face unique challenges: fragmented software and hardware, a large simulation data set, and a complex execution process. Data is isolated and managed using technology 10+ years old. For example, simulation data is managed on the engineering desktop, or

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