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HPC+ Core Type Offers Improved Performance

Here at Rescale, we are very excited to introduce into production a new hardware profile – the “HPC+” compute configuration. This compute type has improved compute and interconnect capabilities coupled with SSD storage, yielding significantly improved performance.
During beta testing, numerous Rescale users ran their simulation workflows using this hardware profile and the results were very positive. The average user saw between a 25-40% increase in speedup and performance per job.
Now in production, the new compute configuration, “HPC+”, is priced at a very competitive $0.25/core/hour for the regular On-Demand price. Due to the increased performance, running analyses on this hardware type can often result in lower overall Rescale costs — compared to running the same job on another compute profile.
To compare the performance yourself, you can log in to or create an account by going to For information about how to set up a simulation, please go to

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