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Modernizing the HPC Experience – Rescale Achieves AWS HPC Competency Status

Rescale has been dedicated to the modernization of High Performance Computing (HPC) for more than a decade. We developed the HPC industry’s first intelligent computing platform for digital R&D, which leverages a strong foundation of enterprise-trusted technologies provided by leading Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Rescale built its intelligent platform on innovative AWS services to power science and engineering breakthroughs, simplifying HPC on AWS with intelligent full-stack automation and control. As an AWS Partner, Rescale serves scientists and engineers who drive innovation with mission-critical R&D across rapidly evolving industries like aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, higher education, life sciences, and manufacturing. We power the digital R&D efforts of our customers as a result of our deep domain expertise in SaaS, cloud-based HPC, machine learning, data & analytics, and end market industries where HPC is critical to customer innovation.

AWS invested heavily in HPC infrastructure and services early in the game when the public cloud was beginning to prove that it could meet the demands of HPC customers’ workloads. AWS was early to market with emerging technologies like HPC-optimized CPUs, GPUs, and the fast networking needed to support large clusters running complex workloads. With its large-scale HPC technologies deployed in the cloud across a global footprint, Rescale used AWS’ elastic and scalable cloud initiatives to build a critical core infrastructure and the services that enabled near-infinite HPC scaling and unbounded customer innovation potential. 

Rescale is delighted that AWS remains strongly committed to investing in cutting-edge HPC technologies and demonstrating its customer commitment to HPC through new programs like AWS HPC Competency, which officially launched today. The AWS HPC Competency designation reinforces Rescale’s leadership position and technical proficiency in the HPC discipline: we strive to provide intelligent computing aimed at optimizing complex HPC workloads for performance and efficiency. Rescale is intensely focused on making innovative customers successful through digital R&D software and processes, and we are excited that AWS established an AWS Competency Program to push the HPC industry forward in modernizing the HPC experience.

To the success of today’s and tomorrow’s innovators!


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