Case Study – AZothBio Accelerates New Drug Discovery Using Deep Learning on Rescale

Case Study – AZothBio Accelerates New Drug Discovery Using Deep Learning on Rescale

The team of researchers, scientists, and engineers at AZothBio bring rich experience from their backgrounds in life sciences, biotechnologies, and pharmaceuticals. Their mission is to combine their expertise to catalyze new drug discovery and bring more competitive products to more patients. When conducting their research and development, AZothBio uses digital tools and proprietary artificial intelligence logic to uncover new therapies and drug candidates. These techniques require significant high performance computing (HPC) resources to handle high fidelity simulations.

When AZothBio’s compute demands exceeded the capabilities of their on-premises hardware, they sought a solution from Rescale that could support their complex and custom applications in a way that is simple, scalable, and allowed them to focus on what they do best: cutting-edge R&D innovation. In order to simulate large-scale algorithms in the cloud, understanding not only the R&D challenges but also cloud infrastructure, HPC, and configurations is essential. To save critical time and productivity, AZothBio adopted the Rescale platform to transform their digital capabilities.

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