Data Sheet: Performance & Efficiency – Modern HPC Outcomes

Data Sheet: Performance & Efficiency – Modern HPC Outcomes

The proliferation of hybrid, multi-cloud infrastructure gives HPC practitioners a wealth of new options for their workloads, but navigating unprecedented choice poses a new challenge. Now Rescale gives organizations the power to use this optionality to their advantage to optimize the performance and efficiency of their investments. With Rescale’s workload-centric intelligence and automations, it is now possible to find the optimal hardware and software combinations for each workload.

Enterprises with modern HPC practices understand the importance of evaluating the efficiency of their spend and ROI on their hardware investments. For many HPC managers, it is difficult to gain full visibility and control over hardware and software (licensing) utilization, leading to costly inefficiencies. After a decade of supporting leading enterprises’ wide array of software and hardware combinations, Rescale now distills this experience into platform intelligence to help all customers optimize their spend on a continuous basis.

Rescale’s intelligence on performance and efficiency optimizes the Full-Stack Economics of HPC, taking into account the end-to-end costs and weighing the desired business objective (e.g. reducing overall costs or accelerating time-to-answer). Full-Stack Economics can be applied to organizations with one or varying workloads to compare current efficiency to alternate hypothetical configuration scenarios. The Rescale platform offers best-in-class support, security, and automations to better enable researchers and engineers to get more out of their resources.

Any application. Any infrastructure. Always optimized. 

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