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Rescale's Product Roadmap for 2018 - Part Two

We recently shared with you part 1 of our roadmap, covering new and improved features in the areas of cloud robustness, application software, and licensing. This blog post will go over the rest of our 2018 product roadmap, covering development in the areas of desktop and visualization, HPC workflows, enterprise organization administration, security and compliance, data transfer and management (in a multi-cloud, multi-region network), and hardware and providers. We have exciting things in store for everyone!

Desktop and Visualization
When you send a job to the cloud, you immediately have access to the latest hardware, including compute, GPUs, TPUs, and best-of-breed network fabric like InfiniBand, all without waiting in a queue. Once your job is complete, the optimal workflow would be to immediately view, modify, analyze, and post-process your results. In 1Q18 Rescale introduced a high performance desktop to handle those workloads, including 3D-model manipulation and multi-user collaboration. Upcoming in early 2H18 we will enable end-to-end desktop workflows as well, allowing interactive 3D visualization with in-flight jobs, including pausing, modifying, and resuming and/or restarting your jobs, all through the virtual GUI. This enables ‘HPC at the edge’, maximizing compute while minimizing data transfer.

HPC Workflows
Rescale is continuing to enhance your ability to run multi-step workflows. This includes the ability to graphically represent more complex workflows in the cloud, the simple mapping of on premises workflows, as well as high performance storage to accelerate the time to completion.

Enterprise Organization Administration
When enterprises bring workloads to the cloud, it’s important to ensure a smooth transition with minimal impact to business processes. Our goal is to enable multi-division, multinational organizations to have a company-wide consistent experience with Rescale and to be able to assign budgets, limits, and permissions as appropriate to each organization. Specifically for 2018, we will deliver a fine-grained budget, cost management, storage, and data transfer limits, which can be managed by company administrators and delegated administrators. This includes integrating with on-premises identity and access management (IAM) systems. Similarly, enterprises often leverage complex, hierarchical account structures, as well as RBAC (role-based access control). We will be delivering these features and more in 2018.

Security and Compliance
One of the big red herrings of the cloud is security. “How do I know if my data is secure?” is a question engineers and data center managers ask us all the time. Rescale ensures your data is secure across every step of the way by adhering to the strictest industry security standards, including those established by ITAR, SOC 2, and CSA.[1. Please discuss with your account manager for regional coverage and more information.] This year, we will expand our ITAR offering for our U.S. users and ensure GDPR compliance early in 2018 for our European users, as well as aim to deliver NIST 800-171 and DFARS compliance and FedRAMP Readiness by Q3 2018.

Data Transfer and Management: Multi-Cloud, Multi-Region
HPC generates large datasets that require processing. Ensuring the quickest time-to-result becomes a complex question when specific compute resources only exist in certain regions, while your engineers are global. Rescale is always optimizing the management of data on our platform, so users are able to organize their data, to easily find and correlate output data from jobs, retrieve previous versions, and spin-up additional jobs with a minimum of required data transfer. As Rescale’s offerings and customers continue to expand globally, we are focusing on providing insights and recommendations for optimal data placement in a multi-cloud, multi-region environment (data gravity), as well as how to ensure data is locally available while it’s globally accessible (geo-distribution).

Hardware and Providers
Rescale will always provide the newest hardware and best platforms for running your jobs, however complex. We’re continuing to improve our ability to help you determine the best balance between time-to-result and overall cost. Two upcoming examples are the expansion of our ‘bring-your-own’ Azure offering and enabling per-second billing across our entire platform. Now you can leverage Rescale’s orchestration and license flexibility in your own Azure or AWS account and control your spend at the per-second level.  

If you’re interested in becoming an early adopter for any of our updates mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at and we will make sure you are one of the first to be able to give it a try!

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